Consulting Services


Our consulting services for small and mid-size businesses specializes in shaping Strategies, Launching new Products/Services and providing our unique service of Creating Value and Packaging Concepts for our clientele.  The value we bring to our clientele is unique, in addition to offering solutions and customized Marketing Plans; we go a step further and assist the President/Owner of the business in implementing our recommendations.

Premium Products International offers Marketing Consulting Services in areas of Strategy, Branding, 4P’s, Marketing Plan and Financial Analysis.  We focus on guiding our clientele in all aspects of supply chain due to our extensive background of over thirty-five years in Global Marketing.

Our Principal has been an Adjunct Professor at Colleges in New Jersey for over 17 years, teaching business courses at the Graduate and Undergraduate level.  This expertise in turn adds value to the services we provide to our customers in areas of corporate strategy and renovating their image and concept.