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    Overseas markets present the opportunity to increase sales and secure additional profits by opening up new territories.  Expanding overseas usually [...]

Introducing New Prod/Serv

                                                                                  ENTREPRENEURS: INTRODUCING NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES The season is upon us for introducing [...]


  Price is the most important P of the 4P’s and yet the most neglected. My question is simple, How Do you [...]

Competitive Advantage

  Competitive Advantage Is a capability or position that allows you to outperform your competition. It is considered the basis for profitability, [...]

Value in Service

Value in Service--- What a Great Concept.  One definition: “The extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer [...]

Stats for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups-  Create a need for their Service or Product, bring it to Market and Strive to Succeed. Who Are They? [...]

Where is Your Passion?

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their business, their business is their baby and my job is to protect their creation, their uniqueness and [...]