Brazil may be the Solution to your Sourcing problem

Sourcing is a fascinating industry and has been a challenging process for companies to undertake. Such obstacles have been brought to light with suppliers struggling globally to deliver goods in comparison to pre-pandemic era. All the supply chain deficiencies were exposed in the last 4 years, such as having only one supplier for your goods and from one country only as well, resulting in all the supply chain problems that took place the last 4 years.

So, What is Sourcing? Very simply, it is finding that right supplier who will make your Product, based on your Quality standards, for that Price point you need and Volume you require as well.

We have been servicing U.S. and Foreign Companies for over 30 years, helping them enter New Markets, Source products from suppliers Globally and find the right Distribution Channel for their lines.

Why Source Products from Brazil?

Manufacturing accounts for about one-fifth of the GDP and more than one-tenth of the labor force. With few exceptions, the Southeast contains the largest, most varied, and most efficient establishments in every sector of industry. Within the Southern and Southeastern states, the manufacturing sectors of Paraná, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, and Espírito Santo are increasingly offsetting the industrial strength of São Paulo, which alone produces nearly two-fifths of Brazil’s manufactured goods.

Since the mid-20th century Brazil has been a major world supplier of automobiles, producing nearly two million vehicles per year. Other major manufactures include electrical machinery, paints, soaps, medicines, chemicals, aircraft, steel, food products, and paper. Brazil has been a major producer of textiles, clothing, and footwear since the early 19th century. The textile industry began in Bahia in 1814, using local supplies of raw cotton; it is now centered in São Paulo and Fortaleza. The footwear industry, centered in Rio Grande do Sul, began in the 1820s with small leather works supplied by surplus hides from the meatpacking industry. Brazilian manufacturing has had significant global impact.

In the steel industry, Brazilian crude steel production was 32.2 million tons in 2019. Minas Gerais accounted for 32.3% of the volume produced in the period, with 10.408 million tons. The other largest steel centers in Brazil in 2019 were: Rio de Janeiro (8.531 million tons), Espírito Santo (6.478 million tons) and São Paulo (2.272 million tons). National production of rolled products was 22.2 million tons, and that of semi-finished products for sales totaled 8.8 million tons. Exports reached 12.8 million tons, or US $7.3 billion. Among the largest steel companies in the Southeast are Gerdau, CSN, Ternium Brasil, Usiminas and Aperam South America. The importance of Brazilian steel is well documented.

Brazil is considered to be one of the world’s giants in manufacturing, agriculture and mining industries.

Benefits and Features

It is important to state that the Supplier/Vendor/Manufacturer is actually a partner who will help you expand your business and come up with the next generation of product lines for you. Such an important feature is a core characteristic we seek in our manufacturers’ candidates as the innovation they bring to the table is essential for future sales and growth. We find, screen, assess and evaluate the standing and reputation of such a partner in Brazil on your behalf, prior to the introduction stage.

I would like to share with you some unique and exciting features of Sourcing from Brazil:

  • Brazil is our country of choice. Why? On the International scene, they have Better Quality standards than competitors, Use Robotics in manufacturing, ISO Certifications and/or Brazilian certifications.
  • Availability of a rich pool of Manufacturers to work with in the variety of industries.
  • Unlike some of its neighbors, there are excellent infrastructural and transportation facilities. Brazil has large and developed roads – and one of the largest highway systems in the world – and has various different railway systems for land transportation.
  • There are 175 maritime and river ports in the country, 32 of which are public. There is therefore an extensive network of land and maritime logistics support for businesses moving goods across the country and internationally. Brazil is optimally set up as a key trading hub for South America.
  • Brazil is very competitive in: 1) Labor cost, 2) Offers faster freight to the U.S., 3) has Lower Import Tariffs to the U.S.
    A simple example, Steel products coming from Brazil to the U.S.: Tariffs are 0% – Tariffs on steel coming from China: 25%.
  • Labor cost in Brazil is lower than China and Mexico.
  • New surcharges of $ 800.00, have been imposed by Steamship companies in January 2024, on all 40 Ft. containers coming from Asia and Suez Canal. NO Surcharges have been imposed on containers coming from Brazil.


Sourcing From Brazil

Our Sourcing Services

We help companies source products from overseas, and have strong contacts in the Brazilian market for all kind of products.

Our Sourcing services include the following:
1. Finding manufacturers as per specs and quality standards required for your product.
2. In case the manufacturer does not have an export license, we have one in-house and will accommodate your needs accordingly.
3. Quality Standards- We work mainly with ISO certified manufacturers and/or having reputable Brazilian certifications.
4. Our sister Company in Brazil will visit the plants, screen the manufacturers, validate them and negotiate pricing before we introduce them to you.
5. We will provide you with regular updates weekly and/or biweekly of progress we are making and relevant details as well.
6. We added a unique new service as part of our package, which is Negotiating Pricing, and avoiding the standard cultural differences that arise in the process.
7. A separate service from above we can provide is door to door logistics for your orders.

Our services are value based, solution oriented and we are here to service you.

The solution to the Supply Chain problems today is to diversify your suppliers/manufacturers base geographically, we help you achieve such a goal.

We provide a White Glove Service to our clientele.

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