Economy Experts

The Experts have been Wrong in their Predictions

The Experts are claiming Gloom and Doom, Recessions and the end of the world. 

They are Clueless

 Economy Experts

The Expert Economists have been wrong 50% to 70% in their predictions in the last few years, which is a Shame and they still have their jobs making big salaries.

Facts: None got fired.

Can you keep your job on that basis?


What Qualifies me to make Predictions? My Global experience in Real Business.  And I do not believe in Making predictions but rather sound analysis.


The Facts are simple:

We, the U.S., have the strongest + soundest Economy built on solid foundation & industries

Our Competitors. Other countries, do Not and Lack the insight of solving problems.

They React, We Innovate and Overachieve


The Barrel of Oil is at $ 24.08 (3/18/20), and it will have minimal impact on our economy but devastate economies such as Russia and Iran. 

Russia, we call it a superpower, has an economy (GDP $ 1.65 Trillion in 2018) smaller than Texas, their economy relies on Oil exports mainly and that means devastation for them.

Iran has no economy and now lost  60% of their oil revenues in the last month (traded at $ 58.50 on Feb. 20).    In 2017, their GDP was $ 430 Billion, and Wal-Mart revenues are over $ 500 Billion.


To put this in perspective for these people that make Predictions.

They have No Facts to rely on.

Wishful Dreams do not qualify experts for Predictions.


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