The Supply Chain problem will be with us for the next 5 to 10 years.  Yes, already 3 years have gone by and finding any product on the shelf is simply getting worse. 

 The wine producers had their wines sitting in barrels waiting for months for the Glass Bottles to come from China.  Nothing made Locally.

The Auto industry is still waiting for Chips coming from Taiwan since last year.  Still waiting—  Nothing made Locally. 

In 2021, the Auto Industry lost over $ 110 Billion Dollars because of shortages in chips.

 The list is long.  Nothing in Time is simply the new Normal- Sadly.  The lead time Toady, from China, is 6 Months for most products.

Most likely this year, our Christmas 2022 season will be short on Products again like last year.  Sadly. 

 This summer 260,000 containers are expected to arrive at the West Coast, which are the backlog coming from China due to the recent closings there.  The delays in clearing goods are going to be long, costly and simply a disaster.  Sadly.  Nothing made Locally. 

 Companies are waiting for their suppliers Overseas to fix their broken supply chain problems, when these same Foreign Suppliers have their own huge disasters to overcome and Deal with. 

 What they are Not Telling you, is that a large number of Foreign Manufacturers went Out of Business in 2020/2021, and are not being replaced.  As a result, a lot of products will no longer be available in the market long-term, or Nothing in Time anymore.

 This is just the simple reality, Products Made Locally will keep our shelves full and help grow our Economy.  Companies need to accept this fact and invest in establishing manufacturing plants Locally.

 In the 1990’s, the Golden Rule was to have a minimum of 25% to 50% of your Products Made Locally, we used to call this the Diversification Strategy.  Toady, Diversification means that you are 100% Dependent on your Foreign suppliers because you think they are cheaper, even when they keep raising prices and charging you more and more. 

 Actually our CEO’s are Refusing to deal with the brutal reality surrounding them today, from lack of workers Overseas and Domestically, shortages in raw material, higher cost of transportation and now Inflation Globally as well.

  Today, Products made Locally are very competitive price wise with imported goods, and in some cases cheaper once you add the very high cost of shipping, tariffs, lost sales, etc————–.


MADE IN U.S.A. is Respected Globally,

in Demand and Associated with Higher Quality.


 Advantages of Manufacturing Locally are as follows: 

  • Ease of Communication
  • Ability To Launch Products Faster
  • Protecting your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Low Minimums- Do not have to buy container loads
  • Quick Turn-Around Times
  • Lower shipping cost- Only local trucking cost
  • Quality Control- Easier and Cheaper
  • Low Capital investment on Inventory
  • No Tariffs

*** All Above will reduce sharply your fixed/variable costs

 What is Your Strategy?

How Reliable are your Foreign Manufacturers?

 Once you have an established Local Production, Now you have the Option of Expanding Globally and Exporting your “Made in USA Products” to Foreign Markets.  Such a Strategy will result in increasing your cash flow and revenues, and most importantly increasing your profits.


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