There are over 33 million Small Businesses in the U.S. and only about 1% are currently Exporting.

In 2021, the GDP in the U.S. was $ 23,350 Trillion, our Exports in 2021 were $ 1.8 Trillion and Consumer Goods were about $ 222 Billion.  Actually, Exports were 7.7% of our GDP and Consumer Goods were less than 1% of our GDP.

In comparison, European Union Exports in 2021 constituted 51% on their GDP.

When we Export Products Made in the U.S.A., we compete mainly with other U.S. made products and Products made in Industrial countries such as Canada, Germany, England, France, Australia, Japan to name a few.

Consumers overseas who usually buy products Made in U.S.A. compare them to products made in the countries listed above as they are viewed of similar Quality and Price point.  


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What Does Exporting Entail?

Step One:

Prior to opening the doors of your Export business, you need to devise a Concept that is Unique and Valuable to your Clientele and a clear Marketing Plan.  Very Simple.

Define your Mission and Vision

Did you Know that:  U.S. Companies Lead Globally in Ethics / ways of doing business, Quality of Product/Service, Life Span of their Products and Innovation!!!  Incorporate in your Strategy.

Exporting revolves around your Service, Competitive Advantage, and Product Line selection.  Understand Clearly who you are and how you compete in the marketplace prior to targeting Foreign Markets. 

We help you figure out the above.

 Product lines can easily be replaced, however, your Services/Experience/Background cannot, if Packaged properly.


Step Two:

The U.S. is known as “The Graveyard of British Companies” and the common reason behind such failures is Culture.  Really simple.

Examples such as Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith, Dixons, HMV and most recently Tesco all forced to retreat and go back home.

 Our To Do List in Exporting:

A-  Prepare a Marketing Plan for entering the Foreign Market and address: Opportunities, Challenges and Obstacles.  What changes are needed on the 4P’s?

B- Travel to and visit the Country you wish to cover. Learn about the Culture, ways of doing business and Consumer Behavior.

Once on the ground, plans tend not to work as expected for various reasons, Do you have Back-up Plans in place?  They are crucial for your survival-  

Plan for the unexpected.

 C-  Next you need to Select the Product lines to Promote in that market.

                          Did you incorporate in your Product line the concept of:           

                                          Good               Better             Best

This is Essential for the growth, longevity and success of your business.

 D- Distribution Channel:  Who are they?  Why Them?  How to Reach them?

Find out Who Sells similar products to yours, Where and How

 Let us help you with that task, we have a lot of experience doing that.


 Step Three:

Most Important P, Price

How do you Price your Products for Export???

How to Price your Services in order to make a Profit?

The Distribution Channel:

How will you Service them?  Cost of that service?

What kind of support will you provide?

What kind of discount can you offer to foreign markets?

When quoting a Price, where are the goods located? Plant, Warehouse, Port?  Did you account for freight costs in your Price???

Outline clearly the Customer Service features you will be offering to your clientele-

Assign an Experienced Customer Service person in your Company to attend to all Export related matters. 

Customer Service is essential for your success, follow-up promptly, offer Value in your services.

 What is the cost of Customer Service?

Costs you do not account for will eat up your Profit.  Very Simple.

Make sure you Deliver on all your Promises.

 Let us help you with that task, we have a lot of experience doing that.


  Step Four:

 Expansion Phase and Dealing with Change

What will you be adding in Product lines in year 2 and 3 and 4???  How will you do that?

How do you Brand a product line no one ever heard of in that Foreign Market???

The starting point to build a Brand is to develop a reputation in the marketplace and a presence as well.  Most Importantly, you need to:

Package your Company, Product lines, and Team.

What are your expansion plans Geographically?  What Resources are needed?

The answer is basically in your Strategy and Marketing Plan (5 year/plan), the latter will give you guidance for that Growth Stage businesses struggle with.

Have you considered performing Market Research while visiting the Foreign Market?

Yes, You have to Travel Regularly to the Country or Countries, Listen to the Buyers, Learn about the Consumers, Visit the Retail stores, and most importantly understand that Distribution Channel.

 Let us help you with that task, we have a lot of experience doing that.


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