As I have been Marketing Products & Services for the last 40 years and teaching Marketing and Export/Import for over 20 years, I am often asked:

What is Marketing?             

I like to keep things simple so I will share with you what goes into Marketing.  To be clear, actual Marketing is part of and embedded in all aspects of the different departments of a Company:


1- Define the Mission and Vision of the Company

                       Who You Are and Who You Want to Be When You Grow-up?

2- Identify your Value Proposition

                      Value has Nothing to Do with the 4P’s: Prod/Serv, Place/Distribution, Promotion, Price

3- Outline a clear Strategy-  Plan of Action for your staff.

4- Figure out your Competitive Advantage

5- Create a Marketing Plan for your Business

                       Define a clear Target Market, Where/When/How to reach them

6- Devise a Clear Pricing Structures for the different Distribution Channels your Sales Team calls on.
Train your Sales Team, and Devise a Selling Process for them.

                       Yes, Sales falls under Marketing.

7- Developing Strategies and Relationships to attract new clients using non-digital media

8- Prepare a Promotional Plan for your business with Proper Messaging

9- Research and Recommend proper CRM platform, Email marketing/lead generation system and strategy based on your specific needs

10- Assess the Results of your Digital Marketing and make revisions accordingly

11- Plan for your Growth Stage:

                        Assist you in developing New Products/Services, Partnerships, and Alliances

12- Branding your Business & Packaging your Company

                        Packaging, Positioning & Branding work together


The last two steps are most importance for your Business to evolve and get to that Next Level.

My favorite question is:                              Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow-Up???

Understanding what that really is essential for actually attaining the Growth Stage.

Keeping it Simple, Above are basically the Core Marketing Services we provide to our clientele.


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