Full-Service Marketing Consultant:

We Create and Implement Comprehensive Marketing Strategies that Revolve around your Competitive Advantage.

Our marketing consulting services for small and mid-size businesses specializes in:

  • Shaping Strategies

  • Launching New Products/Services

  • Creating Value and Packaging Concepts

Our marketing consultant services bring to our clientele is unique. In addition to offering solutions and customized Marketing Plans, we go a step further and assist businesses in implementing each one of our recommendations. We tailor and help execute results-oriented marketing strategies based on the mission and vision of your establishment, corporate culture, and values. To that end, we offer seminars and train staff in such areas as customer service and organizational management.

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Marketing Strategy Consultant

Strategy: Revolves around Who You Are, What You Do, and the Products/Services You Offer

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4Ps Marketing Consultant

Design a Marketing Plan with a focus on the 4P’s That is Consistent with your Mission and Vision.

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Financial Analysis Marketing Consultant

Financial Analysis: Design a Pricing Strategy with a clear Positioning- Servicing Core Customer Value

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Branding Marketing Consultant

Branding: How to Build: Awareness, Perceived Value, Associate, Loyalty to your Brand

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  • Creating Value and Packaging ConceptsThis is a unique service we provide for small and mid-size businesses.  We convert Value into a Tangible asset your customer can experience time and time again.

  • Pricing & Positioning – We help Businesses Price their Service & Products in order to make a profit.  Also, we assist them in Positioning themselves in the marketplace and figure out who they will Compete against and how.

  • Proper systems and procedures are essential before launching a Marketing campaign – We review, adjust and put in place appropriate control systems prior to Marketing the business – 360 approach.

  • Marketing Our 38 years of diverse experience in marketing and all aspects of supply chain management in a variety of industries is a valuable asset to our clientele, especially when launching new products and services.

  • Merchandising & AdvertisingWe provide support in areas of merchandising, advertising, purchasing, inventory management, and customer service.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans We write marketing plans to help secure loans from banks for expansion purposes, and most importantly to provide the business with a distinct plan to follow to attain goals.

  • Training We offer training seminars in areas of customer service, sales, promotion, display of merchandise and inventory control.

  • Market ResearchWe have performed numerous market research for U.S. and foreign companies on the viability of launching their lines in the marketplace. We research local markets to position our clientele and clearly define their services.

  • Private LabelWe design and implement private label programs for domestic and international clientele. We source globally, design, produce and deliver a family of product lines for supermarket chains and department stores.