Financial Analysis: Price & Positioning

Price is the most important P of the 4P’s

(Product/Service, Place, Promotion, Price)

The Role of Price is to Cover the:

Cost of Product/Service, Cost of Place/Distribution,

Cost of Promotion and Cost of Profit

Positioning defines who you will Compete against and which Niche you will Target.

Differentiation focuses on highlighting your Value offering to your customers and most importantly that it cannot be easily Copied by your competitors.  Such a successful process will result in long-term viability of the business, Growth and Sustained Profits.  

Price, Positioning, Differentiation are interlinked, work closely together and need to be taken into consideration in all aspects of your Pricing Strategy. 

It is important to note that All the 4P’s are unified in cohesion and yet Price has the biggest job of generating Revenues and Profits.


Who are You?

What Do you Sell Exactly?

Where Do you Belong in the Industry? 

In order to find answers to your Position in the Marketplace, you need to First Define your Competitive Advantage otherwise the longevity of your business is at jeopardy.

Basically, you Cannot Ignore your Strength, rather you have to build on it.

An important Value-Added we offer to our clientele is to Identify their Competitive Advantage,

Define it clearly and build a Strategy around it.

All Businesses have a Competitive Advantage

What is Yours?  We are Here to Help You Define It

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage is connected to your Positioning Strategy which in turn is connected to your Price, Features of your Product/Service, are embedded in your Marketing Strategy and 4P’s.

Not having a Competitive Advantage puts you at a Competitive Dis-Advantage, makes it much harder to compete and impacts your Brand Image Negatively

Following a Strategy of Lowering the Price results in Loss of Current Profits and Future Profits as well.  When You Compete on Price Only, you are forced to Discount the fee you charge for the product/service, thus Discounting your revenues and the Value of your product/service.

Very Simple-  We Create and Implement Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

that Revolve around your Competitive Advantage.  It is Our Job to Figure It Out.

We Bring Clarity to Your Day-to-Day Operations, Control the Chaos and Restore Sanity

One Simple question, What is Your Strategy?

What Steps are Needed?

We help our clients who are Small Businesses, Solve their problems and Grow their Business.

We Understand Your Needs and Share Your Dreams

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