Our Mission

To Provide a comprehensive Marketing Strategy for our Clientele, Enable them to define their Competitive Advantage and build a Marketing Plan around the concept.

Our Vision

Expanding our services in areas of Branding and becoming the Premier Partner for our Clientele for their Marketing Needs.

Our Culture is Simple: to Serve our Clientele with Compassion, Protect their Business and Look after their Interests.
We care for their business as if it is ours.

Strategy is simply the Map for the Venture you are on in order not to get lost.  It is the Plan of Action we put in place to create a Solid Foundation for the Business in order to Grow, Expand its presence, Deal with Change and Learn how to Navigate the Obstacles they encounter. 

It is important for the Strategy to Adhere to the Mission & Vision and Culture of the Company, otherwise Chaos will Prevail.  The Culture is nothing else than How You Treat your Employees, Your Customers, and your Service Providers.  Culture is not Fancy words and sentences; it is Who You Are.

Questions we help you Find Answers for:

What is your 5 Year Plan? 

What happens if you Get Lost and cannot find your Path?

What Value do you bring to your Clients and Why?

Do you have Back Up Plans in place today?

We address these concerns in creating a Strategy for You that is based on Your Products and/or Services, and most importantly your Competitive Advantage.

Our focus in Strategy revolves around understanding the business the Company is in, the type of Products and/or Services they offer, the Target Market they seek or Unique Niche they service, the Price point they compete in and how they Position themselves in their industry. 

Do you know:

Who Are You?

Who Do you Want to Be when you Grow Up or Expand?

What is your Culture and Ways of Doing Business?  What Service do you Provide Exactly?

What is your Competitive Advantage?

Our Clients often ask this question?  Is Strategy for Me and is it even Relevant?

Well, “Of Course”, may sound like a sales pitch, here are some interesting Statistics to think about: 

90% of New Products Do Not Make it to the Shelf.

From the 10% remaining, 85% to 90% are introduced by Large Companies.

50% of Companies- Small, Medium & Large- Do Not have a Marketing Plan.

Only 25% of the 50% Actually Implement their Marketing Plan.

Only 12.5% of Companies- Small, Medium & Large, Have a Marketing Plan.

What is Your Strategy? 

We Bring Clarity to Your Day-to-Day Operations, Control the Chaos and Restore Sanity

Strategy Must incorporate your Value offering.

Value is Intangible, which means the customer cannot Touch, Feel or See it.  The Customer Expects Value to be Delivered, Experienced and Acquired through your Product or Service. 

So, How do you convert Value to something Tangible???

Value is an Intangible asset, so how do you convert it into something Tangible your customer can experience time and time again.  The Experience your Client has is the essence of Value.

We have Answers for you.

Value has Nothing to Do with the 4P’s (Product/Service, Place, Promotion, Price)

And if in doubt, simply look around at All the Discount Stores that carry Products that Failed in offering Value.

Value is not a formula, it is not profit, it is What Makes your Business a Success.

Yes, We Create Value for Businesses.  We make the process Simple and Tangible which is key to success. 

We Create Value in Our Services Globally.

We Bring Clarity to Your Day-to-Day Operations, Control the Chaos and Restore Sanity

One Simple question, What is Your Strategy?

What Steps are Needed?

We help our clients who are Small Businesses, Solve their problems and Grow their Business.

We Understand Your Needs and Share Your Dreams

Contact Us to increase your Profits and Minimize your Risk