Our consulting services for small and mid-size businesses specializes in launching new products, shaping strategies and  providing our unique service of creating value and packaging concepts for our clientele.  The value we bring to our clientele is unique, in addition to offering solutions and customized strategies; we go a step further and assist the President/Owner of the business in implementing our recommendations.


  • Creating Value and Packaging Concepts for Small and Mid-size businesses is a unique service we provide.
  • Marketing– Our 35 years of diverse experience in marketing and all aspects of supply chain management in a variety of industries will prove to be a valuable asset to our clientele especially in launching new products and services.
  • Merchandising & Advertising– We provide support in areas of merchandising, advertising, purchasing, inventory management, and customer service. 
  • Market Research– We performed numerous market research for U.S. companies on foreign markets and the viability of launching their lines internationally.
  • Training– We offer training seminars to our clientele in areas of sales, display of merchandise, inventory control, promotion and customer service.
  • International Business– We introduce several foreign companies to the U.S. market and helped them acquire market share by establishing distribution channels.
  • Private Label– We design and implement private label programs for Domestic and International clientele.  We source globally, design, produce and deliver a family of product lines for supermarket chains and department stores.