What differentiates us?

  • Market Entry: We introduced several leading U.S. consumer brands to markets in the Middle East, Europe and South America. We helped them acquire market share and establish distribution networks in markets that have been dominated by European companies for the last fifty years.
  • Full-service provider for the companies we represent and our overseas clients. Every detail from listing products, marketing, merchandising, order processing and shipping is carefully monitored, as well as financial aspects of international trade including wire transfers, letters of credit, and export documentation.
  • Foreign Buyers: We work closely with buyers and give special attention to educating their retail staff in all aspects of new product lines, from merchandising to inventory control. 
  • Training: We offer training seminars to overseas clientele in areas of sales, display of merchandise, inventory control, promotion and customer service.  We worked very closely with Presidents/Owners of client companies overseas on regional expansion, opening new stores, and customizing private label programs.  This resulted in expanding our role from a supplier of lines, to a trusted advisor and global sourcing partner.
  • Sourcing: We provide sourcing services to our overseas clientele for product lines from the U.S. market they wish to add to their portfolio.
  • Private Label: We design and implement private label programs for Domestic and International clientele.  We source globally, design, produce and deliver a family of product lines for supermarket chains and department stores.
  • Market Research: We performed numerous market research for U.S. companies on foreign markets and the viability of launching their lines in such countries.
  • Culture: We have hands-on experience in foreign markets: economically, socially and culturally. We are experts in cultural differences, customs, religion, social environment and economic conditions.
  • Languages: Our staff conducts business in English, French and Arabic.